For your training participants to experience a magic tool

Germs are invisible ...

Unconsciously, this creates a deceptive feeling of security. Because: the transmission of microorganisms from one surface to the next occurs unseen. However, it is precisely this mechanism that needs to be demonstrated in hygiene training courses—to establish correct behaviour and put this behaviour into practice successfully.

With the HyTrain® Education Kit you will solve several issues at once:

  • If you want to make microorganisms visible, you will usually need a laboratory that incubates the surface sampling for at least 24 hours.
  • For hygiene training courses to offer participants an effect that can be experienced immediately on site this period is too long.
  • Your training participants’ amazement will be even greater when the “contamination” on the clean surface becomes visible—as though from nowhere ...
  • And afterwards, you can demonstrate the effect of disinfection to the surprised participants: the blue “germs” disappear again.
  • Your training participants will experience a magic tool: an event that is guaranteed to be remembered!

The HyTrain® Education Kit is patented. And has been awarded as Innovation Juwel.


What you see first:

A white surface—this could be any surface, for example in patient care or food processing—apparently clean.

The magic kit

The surface is sprayed with a colourless spray. As if by magic, blue dots appear. Are these microorganisms colonising the surface? A surprising event for all training participants!

Visualising transmission paths

The “contamination” which has become visible can now be used to demonstrate any transmission path.

The advantage: the simulation can take place in daylight or normal lighting.

And the major plus: the hygiene training achieves its effect through the visual impact—making it also suitable for participants who are not that proficient in English.

Make “contamination” visible on gloved hands and

transmit it to a surface by gloved hands

Spread “germs” from one surface ...

to the other


The own clothing can also be contaminated. Using a plastic training arm, demonstrate the consequences of inadequate disinfection during the intravenous administration of medication.

Use food dummies to illustrate cross-contamination in the food processing industry, use medical items in the healthcare sector, or typical cleaning utensils in cleaning companies. The HyTrain® Education Kit can be used universally.

The next step

After having visualised the transmission paths, it is just as important to demonstrate the effectiveness of disinfection—since this effect is supposed to lead to conscientious and correct disinfection in practice.

Making disinfection visible

Demonstrate the disinfection’s effect: apply another colourless spray either directly onto the surface or onto a cloth and thus simulate the effectiveness of surface disinfection. The training participants witness the blue “germs” disappearing by the correct wiping technique.

If you wipe without disinfectant ... the blue “germs” are only distributed. They do not disappear and remain on the surface.


 Also simulate the effective disinfection of gloved hands step by step. The visible result: clean gloved hands.

Demonstrate the effectiveness of skin disinfection on a plastic training arm: the blue “germs” disappear

Repeatable effect

Simulation of the contamination as well as the disinfection can be repeated several times during a training. The simulated microorganisms appear or disappear when applying both sprays again.

The HyTrain® Education Kit is designed exclusively for professional use, e. g. in hygiene training courses. Please observe the instructions for use and the safety data sheets.